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12 Korean Fried Chicken Restaurants To Order For Food Delivery Services To Satisfy Your Cravings After Korean Drama

Fried Chicken with beer pairing combination is also known as “chimaek”, served in the evening in many South Korean restaurants.This combination is gaining popularity in other countries after the Korea popular drama “My Love From the Star” and now ” Crash Landing on You”. The demand for speciality chicken shops increased with the growing demands for chicken and beer. As Singapore is under Circuit Breaker and we are craving for Korean fried chicken and beer, we did an online search what is available in the market. Read More


Korean fried chicken craze has been trending for the past few years. The craze hits up so well especially after the drama “ My Love from the Star”. Everyone went crazy with the drama and even have LINE stickers for that. I still remember I did download the stickers after the drama. Ok, don’t judge me for that. Read More

[SG EATS] JINJJA CHICKEN- Korean Fried Chicken Craze | BUGIS

Pie Face shop location at Bugis Village has been taken up by the new F&B venture a week ago. Singaporeans cannot get enough of Korean Fried Chicken craze and this latest venture in the market is the Jinjja Chicken. Jinjja Chicken is the fast-food concept selling Korean fried chicken that officially grand opening on 7th November 2015. Read More