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[SG Food] Beok – Korean Private Home Dining Experience

Beok.sg is the latest addition to Singapore’s private dining scene, debuting in May with an 8-course culinary journey of home-cooked Korean food. Diners can enjoy live BBQ featuring Duroc pork and Tajima beef grilled over binchotan, an array of pickled vegetables, cold buckwheat noodles hand-pulled in Korea, and much more.

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Beok’s menu is a masterful blend of traditional Korean flavors and modern culinary techniques, thanks to the talented Chef Lisea Aesil. With a background working at some of the celebrity restaurants at Marina Bay Sands for the past six years, Chef Aesil brings her passion and expertise to every dish she creates. The service provided by Jackson Jongkyu Seo and Hoo Tun Kun is marked by warm smiles and generous hospitality.

Our recent dinner showcased their summer menu, featuring a selection of seasonal ingredients and sauces sourced directly from Korea, ensuring an authentic and delightful dining experience. Here is what we had:

Beok Private Dining-Eggplant Rice Chip with Perilla Hummus

가지부각 Eggplant Rice Chip with Perilla Hummus

A delightful starter to kick start the dinner. Crispy rice chips are paired with a smooth and flavorful perilla hummus. perfectly balances texture and flavor.

Beok Private Dining-Makgeolli Bread with Burnt Corn Butter

Makgeolli Bread with Burnt Corn Butter

A unique and delicious twist on traditional bread, served in a cute mini size bite. The Makgeolli bread, accompanied by burnt corn butter, was so good that we wished for more.

Beok Private Dining-Macsil Tomato with Jeju Tangerine Ricotta

매실토마토 Macsil Tomato with Jeju Tangerine Ricotta

This dish combines the sweetness of Jeju tangerine with the creamy richness of ricotta.

Beok Private Dining-Scallop Naengchae

관자냉채 Scallop Naengchae

Torched Japanese scallop served with Cham-oe and garlic scape, offering a refreshing and tangy flavor.

Beok Private Dining- Fish Jjim

생선찜 Fish Jjim

Beautifully plated steamed cabbage-wrapped summer fish with bean sprout and sunchoke chips. The sweet and spicy sauce was amazing and made a great combo

Beok Private Dining- Dongchimi Naengmyeon

동치미냉면 Dongchimi Naengmyeon

A refreshing bowl of hand-pulled buckwheat noodles served with yuja mustard, mulberry leaf tea, and mushrooms. Some might find the noodles’ texture a bit soft to their liking.

Beok Private Dining- Sutbul NeobianiBeok Private Dining- Kimchi and Banchan

숯불 너비아니 Sutbul Neobiani

Hand-chopped Duroc pork served with dried radish and taro stem. The marination was perfectly done, making it incredibly delicious.

Beok Private Dining- Sutbul Anchang

숯불 안창살 Sutbul Anchang

MB 7/8 Tajima Wagyu outside skirt with summer vegetables.

Beok Private Dining- Jeonbok & Dak Scorched Rice Porridge-1

누룽지 전복 삼계죽 Jeonbok & Dak Scorched Rice Porridge

A comforting porridge with shredded organic chicken, abalone, Korean glutinous rice, and barley.

Beok Private Dining-Omija Panna Cotta

오미자 파나코타 Omija Panna Cotta

A refreshing dessert of panna cotta with white peach Gwahaju compote, basil cream, and tuile.

Reservation Details

Beok.sg operates on a pre-booking basis via direct message or WhatsApp. The price for this one-of-a-kind summer experience is S$105 nett per pax for groups of 6-10, or S$115 nett per pax for groups of 4-5. Reservations can be made from Monday to Sunday.

Dining at Beok is more than just enjoying great food; it’s about the entire experience. The intimate setting, meticulous presentation, and heartfelt service all contribute to making it a memorable event. The overall dining experience was exceptional, with Jackson and the team providing warm and attentive service, ensuring every guest felt welcomed and cared for. We’ve already scheduled a return visit to explore the next menu. The pricing is quite reasonable, especially considering the current rate for private dining typically starts at S$150 per person.

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SG Food: Gunther’s Incredible Gourmet Set Lunch Starting from S$58++

Dining at an award-winning fine dining restaurant is always a treat, especially at a restaurant as renowned as Gunther’s. Since its establishment in 2007, Gunther’s has become synonymous with modern French fine dining, earning numerous accolades and widespread recognition over the years. At the helm is Chef Gunther Hubrechsen, the original creator of iconic dishes such as the Cold Angel Hair Pasta with Oscietra Caviar ©2005, Fine Apple Tart “aux Dragées”, Havana Rum Raisin Ice-Cream, and more. His impressive resume includes working as Sous Chef at the 3 Michelin Star L’Arpège and serving as Head Chef at Les Amis before opening his own establishment.

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Dining at high-end restaurants is often associated with a hefty price tag and reserved for special occasions and celebrations. However, Gunther’s is changing the game by offering a luxurious lunch experience at fantastic prices. With their 3-course and 4-course menus starting from just S$58.00++ per person, Gunther’s provides exceptional value for a premium dining experience. Located on Purvis Street, Gunther’s offers the best value-for-money luxury lunch in the Bugis/City Hall area through their Express Lunch and Chef’s Seasonal Lunch Menu.

We opted for the Chef’s Seasonal 3-Course Lunch Menu, which includes 1 starter of your choice, 1 main of your choice, 1 dessert, and petit fours.

Gunthers -Bread

Complimentary bread is served before our meal begins.

For appetizer, I had the signature Cold Angel Hair Pasta with Truffle and Caviar, while my friend selected the Gratinated Onion dish. The Cold Angel Hair Pasta with Truffle and Caviar is a light and refreshing dish, featuring delicately thin pasta infused with the rich aroma of truffle oil. The caviar adds a luxurious touch, providing a perfect balance of flavors.

Gunthers- Gratinated Onion

While the Gratinated Onion dish is a savory delight. The dish features tender onions baked to perfection with a rich, golden crust. The dish combines the sweetness of the onions with a creamy, flavorful gratin, resulting in a comforting and indulgent appetizer.

Gunthers- Grilled Half Maine Lobster

For the main course, I chose the Grilled Half Maine Lobster served with Béarnaise sauce and pomme allumette. The lobster was incredibly fresh, with firm, sweet meat complemented by the rich, tangy sauce.

Gunthers-Roasted Iberico pork jowl

My friend opted for the tender Roasted Iberico Pork Jowl at Gunther’s. The dish is delicately prepared with a blend of herbs and served with a flavorful raspberry and hibiscus sauce, offering a unique combination of savory and sweet notes. The pork jowl itself is cooked to perfection, tender and juicy, complemented by the vibrant flavors of the sauce.

The Fine Apple Tart “aux Dragées” is a beautifully crafted dessert featuring a delicate, buttery tart filled with sweet, spiced apple compote and topped with crisp, caramelized sugar. It is paired with Havana Rum Raisin Ice-Cream, which adds a rich, creamy, and slightly boozy touch to the dish. The combination of textures and flavors offers a luxurious and satisfying end to your meal.

Gunthers- Petit Four

Lastly, we enjoyed our choice of tea with the Petit Fours, though coffee is also available. Overall, Gunther’s offers a lunch experience that is truly worth the price. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking a top-notch dining experience without breaking the bank. Having been here twice, I can attest that both the food and service continue to be as impressive as I remembered.

Address: Gunther’s

36 Purvis St, #01-03,

Singapore 188613

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 12:00- 2:30 PM | 6:30PM-10:30OM

Saturday 6:30PM-10:30PM

Closed on Sundays  

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[SG Food] Tien Court: A Timeless Teochew Dining Experience at Copthorne King’s Hotel

Nestled within Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore, Tien Court stands as a venerable icon of Teochew cuisine. The restaurant boasts over 35 years of culinary heritage since its establishment in 1989. While its interior retains a nostalgic charm with its classic decor, the restaurant maintains a well-preserved ambiance. The main dining hall offers ample space, complemented by intimate private rooms named after renowned cities in China.

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Celebrating its 35th anniversary, Tien Court unveils a refreshed menu curated by the esteemed Master Chef Lui Wing Keung, showcasing a contemporary interpretation of Teochew delicacies. Tien Court presents a diverse array of dining options. Alongside à la carte selections, guests can indulge in curated experiences such as the Individual and Group Set Menus. These range from the S$78++ per person 7-course exploration menu to the lavish S$1,088++ 8-course family-style feast for ten.

Tien Court- Dimsum

To commence the gastronomic journey, dim sum aficionados are treated to a Teochew twist on classic favorites. Highlights include the Teochew Steamed Crystal Dumpling with Dried Shrimp, Preserved Radish & Turnip, Pan Seared Teochew Chai Kueh with Chive & Shrimp, and the Crispy Teochew Dumpling with Prawn and Bamboo Shoot.

Tien Court-Double-Boiled Fish Maw Nourishing Soup

The next dish presented was the Double-Boiled Fish Maw Nourishing Soup, served in a quaint mini stone pot. This renowned dish highlights Premium Fish Maw, Chicken Collagen, Bamboo Shoots, and a blend of herbs such as snow fungus, wolfberries, and mushrooms, creating a comforting and nourishing bowl of goodness.

A highlight from the menu is the Signature Braised White Teat Sea Cucumber in Oyster Sauce, crafted through a meticulous two-step process to achieve a delightful contrast of textures. It offers an intriguing blend of flavors that are truly satisfying.

Tien Court- Teochew-Style Oyster Omelette

No Teochew feast is complete without the iconic Teochew-Style Oyster Omelette. Featuring abundant plump oysters and a unique fish sauce, it boasts a crispy golden exterior. Absolutely delightful!

Tien Court- Signature Teochew Puning Fermented Bean Chicken

For meat lovers, the Signature Teochew Puning Fermented Bean Chicken comes in both half and full sizes, showcasing tender chicken marinated with Puning Fermented Beans, ginger, and pandan leaves. It offers a nuanced and flavorful taste experience.

Tien Court- Silver Hill Irish Duck

Slow-cooked in a Teochew-style braise with traditional spices like cinnamon and star anise, the aged Silver Hill Irish Duck melts in your mouth like butter. Renowned for its high fat content, this hybrid breed offers thick, decadent slices.

Tien Court-Signature Teochew Wok-Fried Hor Fun with Diced Kailan and Preserved Radish

To experience the rich essence of wok hei, delight in the Signature Teochew Wok-Fried Hor Fun with Diced Kailan and Preserved Radish, perfect for sharing among 3-4 diners. We captured the tasting portion in the frame.

Tien Court-Steamed Yam Paste ‘Orh Nee’ with Pumpkin and Gingko Nut

We concluded on a sweet note with the Steamed Yam Paste ‘Orh Nee’ with Pumpkin and Gingko Nut, offering a comforting finale. This dish showcases freshly steamed yam adorned with pumpkin pieces and gingko nuts, complemented by a delicate sugar syrup.

Whether you crave familiar flavors or a taste of traditional Teochew dishes in an elegant setting, Tien Court guarantees a memorable dining experience. As the saying goes, old is gold.

Address: Tien Court 
403 Havelock Road 
Level 2, Copthorne King’s Hotel 
Singapore 169632 
Tel: +65 6318 3193 

Website: https://www.millenniumhotels.com/en/singapore/copthorne-kings-hotel/tien-court-restaurant/

Opening Hours 
Monday to Sunday – 12:00PM to 2:30PM | 6:00PM to 10:00PM 

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[SG EATS] Ki Su Shoujin Omakase at Tras Street Offers Unique Plant-Based Omakase Dining Experience

Nestled along Tras Street, Ki Su Shoujin Omakase stands out as a fresh addition to Singapore’s culinary scene, brought to you by the team behind Joie by Dozo. Embracing a plant-based omakase concept, Ki Su is a pioneer, offering a distinctive and forward-thinking dining experience.

Read more: [SG EATS] Ki Su Shoujin Omakase at Tras Street Offers Unique Plant-Based Omakase Dining Experience Ki Su - Interior ShotUpon entering Ki Su, guests are greeted by an elegant interior design. The main dining area features a long counter table, where patrons can witness the artistry of each course being meticulously prepared in the open kitchen. Additionally, the restaurant offers two private rooms suitable for larger groups.

Ki Su offers two omakase menus: an 8-course lunch priced at S$88.00++ and a 10-course dinner at S$168.00++. Opting for the dinner omakase, guests are treated to a sequence of inventive meatless dishes, each presenting a contemporary twist on traditional omakase fare.

The dinner omakase menu unfolds with a delightful trio of snacks, including Egg Yolk Toast with Air Flown Tonburi Caviar, Avocado Taco, and Beetroot Cigar.

Ki Su Shoujin Omakase - Nigiri SushiKi Su Shoujin Omakase - Uni-Pumpkin

Next, we had the Nigiri Sushi selection features four distinct types, such as the Shiro Shimeji (White Mushroom), Red Capsicum (reminiscent of tuna sushi), Nasu (Eggplant), and Pumpkin (resembling Uni sushi). Each piece offers a harmonious balance of flavors and textures, showcasing the chef’s creativity.

A highlight of the meal is the Truffle Pate, a decadent creation crafted from nuts and adorned with mustard seeds and a hint of truffle sauce atop a crispy buttery toast. The illusion of foie gras is convincingly achieved. I was amazed with the creation.

Ki Su Shoujin Omakase - Yakimono

The Yakimono course presented two skewers of beancurd skin wrapped with enoki mushroom and cherry tomato, grilled to perfection.

Ki Su Shoujin Omakase - King Oyster

The following course features king oyster mushrooms adorned with shiso leaf, complemented by a sweet pea puree.

Ki Su Shoujin Omakase - Kabutoni

Kabutoni, a simmered course, delighted the palate with eggplant, daikon, yuba (tofu skin), and morel mushroom in a flavorful soy sauce and sake broth.

Ki Su Shoujin Omakase - Golden Temaki

Notable mentions go to the Golden Temaki, a crunchy seaweed handroll filled with maitake mushroom, gold flakes, and egg yolk. The homemade mayonnaise truly shines.

Ki Su Shoujin Omakase - Entree Monkey Head Mushroom

For the Entree, the juicy and meaty Monkey head mushroom took center stage, accompanied by rice popcorn and truffle mashed potatoes. Despite already feeling satisfied, the temptation of the truffle mashed potatoes was simply irresistible.

Ki Su Shoujin Omakase - Omakase-leek-infused soup

The meal concludes with a comforting leek-infused soup poured over a baby Napa cabbage. This dish reminds me of a similar dish I had at Chef Chan’s Private Dine recently.

Ki Su Shoujin Omakase - Dessert Matcha BonsaiKi Su Shoujin Omakase - Dessert edible flowers and Hokkaido Ice Cream

Desserts were a delightful culmination of creativity and flavors, with highlights including a Matcha Bonsai creation and a colorful display of edible flower petals served with Hokkaido ice cream.

While the dinner omakase price may seem steep for a primarily vegetable-based menu, Ki Su Shoujin Omakase presents a novel and commendable concept in plant-based dining.

While it may not align with traditional Japanese omakase expectations, it undoubtedly offers a unique and memorable culinary adventure for those seeking innovative flavors and vegetarian delights.

Address: Ki Su Shoujin Omakase

60 Tras St, #01-01,

Singapore 078999

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 12:00PM-3:00PM | 6:00PM-10:00PM

(Closed on Sunday)

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[SG EATS] Experience the Joy of ‘The Wondrous Flavours of Holi’ Menu at Tiffin Room, Raffles Singapore – Celebrating India’s Festival of Colours

Embark on a delightful journey of joy and savor the vibrant flavors of Holi – India’s Festival of Colours, surrounded by cherished company at the iconic Tiffin Room in Raffles Hotel Singapore. From 18 March to 31 March 2024, Chef de Cuisine Kuldeep Negi presents the exclusive limited-time menu, ‘The Wondrous Flavours of Holi’.

Read more: [SG EATS] Experience the Joy of ‘The Wondrous Flavours of Holi’ Menu at Tiffin Room, Raffles Singapore – Celebrating India’s Festival of Colours

This carefully curated selection caters to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences, with the option for a wine pairing to elevate your celebratory experience. The lunch and dinner menu are priced at S$132++ per guest, while those seeking a refined touch can opt for alcoholic beverage pairings (2 glasses) at S$58++ per guest or (4 glasses) at S$98++ per guest. A dedicated Vegetarian Menu is also available.

Tiffin Room-Dahi Gujia

Chef Kuldeep’s Welcome sets the tone with Dahi Gujia, featuring stuffed yellow lentil dumplings with sweet yogurt, tamarind, and spicy mint chutney. The dumplings are filled with a nutty filling and topped with flavorful thick yogurt and chutneys for a delightful combination of textures and tastes.

Tiffin Room Raffles Singapore-Achari Murgh Tikka Kathi Roll

The culinary journey continues with Achari Murgh Tikka Kathi Roll – a pickled spicy tandoori-grilled chicken wrap with beetroot, radish, and onion salad before moving on to the mains. Personally, I enjoyed the impeccable balance of flavors and textures achieved with the thoughtfully chosen ingredients in this dish.

Transitioning to the main course, elegantly presented in their signature dabba, and served in gleaming copper tiers. We delighted in the Tawa Masala Fish – a pan-seared black cod infused with a special blend of spices, onion, and tomato masala. This dish is not only satisfying and nutritious but also bursts with authentic Indian flavors. The chef’s selection of fish for this year’s menu is truly commendable.

Tiffin Room Raffles Singapore-Tawa Masala Fish & Murgh Madras

The Murgh Madras presents boneless chicken leg in curry leaves, fresh coconut, mustard seeds, and spices. This flavorful dish is a perfect blend of richness and satisfaction, boasting deep and robust flavors.

Tiffin Room Raffles Singapore- Lamb Chop & Lentil

Pahadi Gosht offers a Himalayan-style lamb chop curry with fresh herbs and spices. The lamb emerges incredibly tender, while the curry exudes a delightful earthy flavor derived from the bones.

Accompany these delights with Shahi Dal – yellow lentil curry with black beans and red kidney beans. The velvety, creamy texture of the lentil’s pairs exceptionally well with naan.

Tiffin Room Raffles Singapore- Tomato Mint Pulao

Next, we have the Tomato Mint Pulao – Fragrant and tasty Indian basmati rice with fresh tomato, mint, and cardamom. This rice serves as an excellent accompaniment to all the rich gravies, making it the perfect carbohydrate addition for the evening.

Tiffin Room-The Wondrous Flavours of Holi Menu-dessertTiffin Room Raffles Singapore- Dessert

The meal concludes on a sweet note with the delectable trio of desserts: Makai Halwa, Gujia, and Gur Para – sweet corn halwa, traditional sweet dumplings stuffed with coconut and dried fruits, and jaggery bites, respectively. While the sweetness might be on the intense side for my taste, it is characteristic of the typical sweetness found in Indian desserts.

Immerse yourself in the spirit of Holi and celebrate the festival with an unforgettable culinary experience at Tiffin Room. Returning to Tiffin Room is always a delight, and their highly recommended wine pairing adds a perfect touch to the overall experience, creating an ideal complement to the exquisite dishes.

If you intend to opt for the Mera Royal Dabba Lunch Set on weekdays, explore this deal to enjoy some cost savings!!

Address: Tiffin Room

1 Beach Rd,

Singapore 189673

Opening Hours: 7:00AM-10:30AM | 12:00PM-2:00PM | 6:30PM-9:30PM

Website: https://tiffinroom.com.sg/

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Conveniently located on Arab Street, Beyond The Dough stands out as a vibrant addition to the local dining scene. More than just a pizzeria, it seamlessly blends traditional techniques with modern flair while remaining true to the essence of exceptional pizza.

Address: Beyond The Dough Pizzeria

150 Arab Street

Singapore 199832

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday | Lunch: 11:45AM to 15:00PM (13:45PM Last Order) | Dinner: 17:00PM to 23:00PM (21:45PM Last Order)

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Araya South American Fine-DiningAraya South American Fine-Dining- bresse pigeon

The following course features exquisite harmony of 154 days aged Ecuadorian cacao. It’s rich and velvety taste perfectly complementing the succulent essence of Bresse pigeon intensifying the richness of flavors.

Araya South American Fine-Dining- Sunday Lunch Wagyu Empanada

Transitioning to the “Sunday Lunch” segment, highlighting the traditional Chilean snack, the Empanada takes center stage. Crafted with wagyu beef, it is elegantly adorned with a pebre gel (a Chilean condiment typically comprising coriander and/or parsley) and delicate micro herbs on top.

Araya South American Fine-Dining-Picana Wagyu

For the final savory course, we had Picana presenting Wagyu beef with vibrant chimichurri sauce.

Araya South American Fine-Dining-Desserts

Palate cleanser before moving on to our sweet treats.

Araya South American Fine-Dining- Desserts 1

The dessert experience unfolds in three acts. The first, Desierto Florido features crushed honey orange meringue, chirimoya alegre espuma, and mango-pineapple-infused orange flan.

Araya South American Fine-Dining- Antartica dessert

Antarctica, the second dessert offers goat’s milk ice-cream, crispy milk, cinnamon anglaise, Patagonian blackberries, and dulce de leche.

Araya South American Fine-Dining-Trolley of Chocolate

The grand finale Carrito De Dulces involves a dessert trolley presenting single-origin chocolates from South America for patrons to choose from. We get to choose whichever type of chocolate from the dessert trolley.

While unfamiliar to many, Chilean cuisine takes center stage at Araya offering a refreshing addition to Singapore’s dining scene. The carefully crafted dishes, attentive service, and unique flavour combinations position Araya as a strong contender for a Michelin Star in the future. I would recommend giving it a try for an exquisite dining experience.

Address: Araya 
Mondrian Singapore Duxton 
83 Neil Road, #01-08 
Singapore 089813 
Tel: +65 8870 0871 

Opening Hours:  Tuesday to Saturday 6:00PM to 11:00PM (Last order at 9:00PM) 
Closed on Sunday & Monday 

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