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[SG EATS] QIN Restaurant & Bar Offers an Imaginative “East Meets West” Degustation Menu

Nestled within The Clan Hotel, QIN Restaurant & Bar, led by Chef Maksym Chukanov (Max) and Chef Karleen Kasim, has unveiled a unique “East Meets West” degustation menu. Chef Max, renowned for his tenure at Cure has previously worked at Ce La Vi, where he transformed the dining experience during the pandemic.

Read more: [SG EATS] QIN Restaurant & Bar Offers an Imaginative “East Meets West” Degustation Menu

QIN now primarily offers set menus for lunch starting at S$58++ , and dinner starting from S$148++. Additionally, a lounge menu is available for the bar and developing alfresco space.

Qin Restaurant & Bar- Wine Pairing

During my recent visit, I indulged in their 6-course dinner menu priced at S$198++ with the option of wine pairing. The meal commenced with a quartet of contrasting snacks, embodying the East Meets West theme.

Qin Restaurant & Bar- Milk Bread Qin Restaurant & Bar- White Asparagus, Chervil, Yuzu

The Milk Bread glazed with Gula Melaka and the crunchy White Asparagus with Chervil and Yuzu highlighted the creative fusion. The milk bread is soft, fluffy, and pillowy texture. It’s light and airy, with a slight chewiness that makes it very pleasant to bite into. I will be back for the bread.

Qin Restaurant & Bar- Kueh Pie Tee, Smoked Petuna Trout, Horseradish

Next, the Kueh Pie Tee filled with Smoked Petuna Trout and Horseradish offered a heightened version of the local snack with a wasabi-like aftertaste.

QIN Restaurant & Bar-Hamachi Toro, Wasabi, Ginger Crisps

Meanwhile, the Hamachi Toro tartlet with Wasabi and Ginger Crisps has balanced soft and crispy textures beautifully.

QIN Restaurant & Bar-Kagoshima Yellow Tail, Kohlrabi, Cucumber Ponzu

The main courses at QIN showcase the chefs’ inventive flair, using distinct ingredients. Kagoshima Yellow Tail with Kohlrabi and Cucumber Ponzu stands out as a dish that is both familiar and elegantly refined. The raw yellowtail, cured in kombu and garnished with sliced radish, is a consistently delightful combination.

QIN Restaurant & Bar-“Xing Ren Dou Fu”

The “Xing Ren Dou Fu” reinterprets a traditional Chinese dessert using apricot kernels, often mistakenly referred to as Chinese almonds. This dish blends the substance of the earlier asparagus course with almond milk and hazelnut oil, creating a rich, savory, and slightly nutty ensemble. It was my first time trying this combination, and it surprised me.

One of the most visually stunning dishes receiving high praise is the Tom Yum featuring Danish Langoustine and Calamansi. This course features langoustine presented two ways: lightly grilled over binchotan and in a thick tom yum-inspired broth with langoustine essence. Initially, I found the spice challenging, but it turned out to be manageable. I also enjoyed the delightful softness and sweetness of the langoustine.

QIN Restaurant & Bar-Aged Quail QIN Restaurant & Bar-Spring Alliums, Scallions “Hua Juan”, Szechuan Pepper

My favorite main was the Aged Quail with Spring Alliums, Scallions “Hua Juan,” and Szechuan Pepper. This course included three components: a succulent piece of quail breast aged in-house, deboned quail legs coated in puffed quinoa and kecap manis, and scallion buns (hua juan) for dipping.

QIN Restaurant & Bar-Ice Kachang, Rhubarb and Mascarpone

The pre-dessert was a refreshing Ice Kachang with Rhubarb and Mascarpone.

QIN Restaurant & Bar-Japanese Strawberry, Hokkaido Milk, Soya Sauce

The main dessert features Japanese Strawberry with Hokkaido Milk and Soy Sauce, where a Hokkaido milk sorbet paired with strawberry jam.

QIN Restaurant & Bar-Pineapple Tart Cloud

The final dessert is the exclusive to the 6-course menu. Pineapple Tart Cloud with pineapple purée transformed into frozen orbs using liquid nitrogen, akin to frozen meringue.

If you haven’t been to QIN lately, the new degustation menu is a must-try. It’s imaginative, daring, and represents Tung Lok’s most adventurous concept to date. It’s also an ideal spot for a romantic dinner, offering the chance to catch a stunning sunset from the dining area if you’re lucky.

Address: QIN Restaurant and Bar

5/F The Clan Hotel
10 Cross Street, Singapore 048417
Tel: +65 6980 3535 / 9459 2388

Opening Hours:

Weekdays: 6:30AM to 10:30AM / 11:30AM to midnight

Weekends: 6:30AM to 11:30AM / 12PM to midnight

For reservations and more information, visit QIN Restaurant & Bar.

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Araya South American Fine-DiningAraya South American Fine-Dining- bresse pigeon

The following course features exquisite harmony of 154 days aged Ecuadorian cacao. It’s rich and velvety taste perfectly complementing the succulent essence of Bresse pigeon intensifying the richness of flavors.

Araya South American Fine-Dining- Sunday Lunch Wagyu Empanada

Transitioning to the “Sunday Lunch” segment, highlighting the traditional Chilean snack, the Empanada takes center stage. Crafted with wagyu beef, it is elegantly adorned with a pebre gel (a Chilean condiment typically comprising coriander and/or parsley) and delicate micro herbs on top.

Araya South American Fine-Dining-Picana Wagyu

For the final savory course, we had Picana presenting Wagyu beef with vibrant chimichurri sauce.

Araya South American Fine-Dining-Desserts

Palate cleanser before moving on to our sweet treats.

Araya South American Fine-Dining- Desserts 1

The dessert experience unfolds in three acts. The first, Desierto Florido features crushed honey orange meringue, chirimoya alegre espuma, and mango-pineapple-infused orange flan.

Araya South American Fine-Dining- Antartica dessert

Antarctica, the second dessert offers goat’s milk ice-cream, crispy milk, cinnamon anglaise, Patagonian blackberries, and dulce de leche.

Araya South American Fine-Dining-Trolley of Chocolate

The grand finale Carrito De Dulces involves a dessert trolley presenting single-origin chocolates from South America for patrons to choose from. We get to choose whichever type of chocolate from the dessert trolley.

While unfamiliar to many, Chilean cuisine takes center stage at Araya offering a refreshing addition to Singapore’s dining scene. The carefully crafted dishes, attentive service, and unique flavour combinations position Araya as a strong contender for a Michelin Star in the future. I would recommend giving it a try for an exquisite dining experience.

Address: Araya 
Mondrian Singapore Duxton 
83 Neil Road, #01-08 
Singapore 089813 
Tel: +65 8870 0871 

Opening Hours:  Tuesday to Saturday 6:00PM to 11:00PM (Last order at 9:00PM) 
Closed on Sunday & Monday 

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[SG EATS] Seroja At Duo Galleria, Bugis | Michelin Green Star Malay Archipelago Fine-Dining Cuisine By Ex-Head Chef Of Meta

Seroja restaurant, situated at Duo Galleria in Bugis, achieved its inaugural Michelin star a few months ago, earning the distinction of being Singapore’s first Green Star restaurant. Led by Chef Kevin Wong, formerly the Head Chef of Meta Restaurant Singapore, Seroja opened its doors in 2022, dedicated to expressing Chef Kevin’s love for the Malay Archipelago. The restaurant pays homage to Malaysian culinary traditions by incorporating local produce, spices, and techniques into its menus. The name “Seroja” translates to lotus flower in Malay and also happens to be the street name of Chef Kevin Wong’s family home in Klang. Read More

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As the festive season of Diwali approaches, I am back to Tiffin Room at Raffles Hotel Singapore to embark on a culinary journey that delight my taste buds and transport me to the heart of India. Tiffin Room has curated a special Diwali Experience menu that brings together the rich and diverse flavors of Indian cuisine, reimagined in an iconic tiffin box alongside delectable sweet. This celebratory feast is an ode to the cultural tapestry of India and is available for both lunch and dinner from October 30th to November 12th, 2023. Read More

[SG EATS] Man Fu Yuan X Irish Duck Company’s Exclusive 6-Course Menus from 1 October to 15 November 2023

InterContinental Singapore’s Michelin-recommended Cantonese restaurant, Man Fu Yuan, has partnered with the Irish Duck Company to present an exclusive collaboration together. From 1 October to 15 November 2023, three (3) exclusive menus, each of which showcases fine Irish meats cultivated amidst the country’s expansive rural landscapes, will be offered for lunch and dinner. Read More

[SG EATS] Summer Tour De Force at Butcher’s Block |Raffles Hotel Singapore

Butcher’s Block located at the second level of Raffles Arcade is helmed by Chef de Cuisine Jordan Keao, a native of Hilo, Hawaii. Formerly chef-owner of Bib Gourmand-awarded Hawaiian restaurant Aina in San Francisco. The restaurant’s cooking technique, wood fire is the highlight where the team employs various techniques such as smoking, grilling, and slow cooking in embers over the wood fire in an open kitchen setting. Read More

[SG EATS] 4-Course Lunch Dining Experience at Restaurant Matera

Restaurant Matera, an Italian restaurant helmed by Chef Bjoern Alexander offers modern Italian cuisine with Asian touches. Chef Bjoern Alexander hails from Octavium, a 2 Michelin-starred restaurant in Hong Kong. Located in the historic Fullerton Waterboat House, the Italian restaurant’s dining space offers a beautiful view of Esplanade. Read More

[SG EATS] Brasserie Astoria by Frantzen Group at Victoria Concert Hall Singapore

Brasserie Astoria is the Frantzen Group’s second venture in Singapore, after their highly acclaimed three-Michelin-star fine dining restaurant Zen. The new and casual Brasserie Astoria is the first overseas outpost of Sweden. It mirrors its Stockholm flagship that occupies what was once Astoria Cinema.

Located in Victoria Concert Hall Singapore, the restaurant houses 100 seats, a private dining room for 10, and a bar and lounge that seat 22 people. At Braserie Astoria, diners can enjoy a distinctly international twist on the traditional brasserie experience set prepared by Head Chef Emil Cecil Ess, a former Zen team member. Read More