[SG EATS] Soi Thai Soi Nice New Outlet At JEM

[SG EATS] Soi Thai Soi Nice New Outlet At JEM

Soi Thai Soi Nice has new outlet at JEM apart from Alexandra Central and The Seletar Mall. Melaine, our guest writer visited this new outlet recently and let’s find out what are the dishes she tried that day.Soi Thai Soi Nice JEM-Hazeldiary-3
Soi Thai Soi Nice JEM-Hazeldiary-4
And at the same time, Soi Thai Soi Nice also launched their new revamp menu is more of seafood dishes including soft shell crab, scallop, oysters, fish and many more. The menu is also applicable across the other two outlets.

Premium Thai Hotpot S$88.80 (S) | S$108.80 (M) | S$128.80 (L)
Soi Thai Soi Nice JEM-Hazeldiary-Premium Hotpot
Soi Thai Soi Nice JEM-Hazeldiary-Premium Hotpot-1
The premium hotpot includes half-shelled scallops, prawns, fried soft shell crab, sliced sausages, enoki mushrooms, pork belly, cabbages and egg. And complete the meal with the ramen noodles and a choice of broth. There are two options- Tom Yum with four spicy level or Fish broth. Diners can request to ask for refill of the broth too.

Deep Fried Pork Belly S$12.90(S), S$18.90 (M)
Soi Thai Soi Nice JEM-Hazeldiary

Chicken Floss Soft Shell Crab S$24.90(S), S$36.90(M)
Soi Thai Soi Nice JEM-Hazeldiary-2
This is quite interesting combination of chicken floss and crispy fried soft shell crab.

Grilled Pork Neck S$13.90(S), S$20.90(M)
Soi Thai Soi Nice JEM-Hazeldiary-1

Waterfall Seabass S$32.90
Soi Thai Soi Nice JEM-Hazeldiary-Waterfall Seabass
Deep-fried to golden brown seabass packed with thai flavours. It would taste even shiok if the spicy sauce can be stronger,

Snowflake Yam S$8.90(S) , S$12.90(M)
Soi Thai Soi Nice JEM-Hazeldiary-Snowflake Yam
This is not the usual dessert found in most menu. This is recommended with sugar coated fried yam sticks to end your dinner with a sweet note.

Mango Sticky Rice S$8.90
Soi Thai Soi Nice JEM-Hazeldiary-Mango Sticky Rice

The outlet is located at the heartland mall where diners are mostly family-oriented. The dishes come with different sizes to cater from small to big groups. If you are staying nearby, you are in treat to taste their tomyum hotpot. Shiok!

Soi Thai Soi Nice
Address: JEM
50 Jurong Gateway Road #03-21
Tel: +65 6339 1391
Operating HoursL
Monday – Friday
11:30AM – 3:30PM| 5:30PM – 10:00PM
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday
11:00AM – 10:00PM
Website: https://www.soithaisoinice.com.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soithaisoinice/

[Photo by Guest Writer, Melaine. Edited by Hazel]
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