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El Mero Mero , a contemporary Mexican restaurant located Chijmes has recently undergo a revamp few months ago. My last visit to the restaurant was 2 years back when I came across the restaurant listed under The Entertainer App. Time flies and the restaurant has been operating for 5 years (opened since 2014). The restaurant is helmed by Mexican born Alejandro Blanco.El Mero Mero Chijmes
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We tried quite a number of dishes during the dinner tasting session.
Guacamole S$12.00++ / S$18.00++
El Mero Mero Chijmes-Mexican Restaurant
First up, we have the Mexican classic Guacamole starter. It uses fresh ingredients like smashed avocados with diced tomatoes, onions, Serrano, coriander and lime. I couldn’t stop at all.

Corn Sampler S$15.00++
El Mero Mero Chijmes-Corn Sampler
Char-grilled organic baby corns served with Smoked Huitlacoche Donuts and chilli mayo dip. First time trying Huitlacoche and it is a type of fungus that grows on organic corn, also known as corn mushroom that is made into a mix with egg, flour and milk. It goes very well with the chilli mayo dipping sauce.

Hamachi and Coconut Ceviche S$21.00++
El Mero Mero Chijmes-Hamachi Ceviches
Instead the usual serving presentation, the ceviches served in a coconut shell. Fresh combination of hamachi aguachile, hibiscus flower milk and trout roe with avocado puree with lime juice element in it. Citrusy and refreshing flavour I would say.

Tostadas De Atun, Tuna Tartar S$17.00++
El Mero Mero Chijmes-Fresh Tuna Tartar
Fresh tuna tartar with a mix of avocado puree, chipotle mayo and matchstick tempura banana shallots served on top of crispy corn tortilla.

Baja Fish S$14.00++
El Mero Mero Chijmes-Baja Fish
Baja Fish taco was one of my favourite dishes that night. It uses tempura toothfish served along with pico de gallo and pickled shallots, chipotle mayo sauce and flour tortilla. Deep-fried crispy coated fish tasted so good that I wish I can have second serving.

Tortilla Soup S$14.00++
El Mero Mero Chijmes-Tortilla Soup
It’s my first time trying this slow-cooked in thick roasted tomatoes and cream with flamed corn tortilla, avocado and guajillo. Thick and creamy soup texture and it can be quite filling too.

El Mero Mero Fajita S$38.00++
El Mero Mero Fajita
Oyster blade beef served in pablano shishito crema along with flour tortillas. I enjoyed the creamy sauce, which is ‘shiok’ to dip for the tortilla.

Gordita S$28.00++
El Mero Mero Chijmes-Gordita
For vegetarian options, diners can order Gordita that consists of Mexican corn gordita, frijoles, salsa roja and heirloom vegetables.

Braised Pineapple S$14.00++
El Mero Mero Chijmes-Braised Pineapple
There are quite a number of dessert choices here in El Mero Mero. I would recommend trying this braised pineapple served with vanilla ice-cream.

Red Velvet Churros S$14.00++
El Mero Mero -Red Velvet Churros
Alternatively, go for their red velvet churros served with light cream cheese and cocoa mousse.

Tequila Pecan Pie S$14.00++
El Mero Mero-Tequila Pecan Pie
If you need to choose one from the dessert list, go for tequila pecan pie with cinnamon ice-cream.

It is good to be back here checking out their newly revamped space and their menu. I enjoyed most of the dishes and definitely looking forward to visit them again.

El Mero Mero | Cocina Mexicana
Address: 30 Victoria Street
#01-20, CHIJMES
Singapore 187996
Tel: +65 9722 8171
Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday 5:00PM – 11:00PM
Friday & Saturday 5:00PM -11:30PM
Website: http://chijmes.com.sg/el-mero-mero/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElMeroMeroSg/
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