[SG EATS] 8 Durian -Singapore Online Durian Delivery Review

Durian seasons start from May to August and it’s peak in the month of June. These periods are the best season to enjoy durian feast. My social media is flooded with durians post and so tempted to get my craving fixed. 8 Durian, which is related to 8Crabs (my full review here) contacted me and I decided to give it a try.
8 Durian is one of the latest durian delivery platforms in Singapore. Their durians are imported from their co-own plantation in the high and mountainous regions of Pahang, Malaysia. Thus, they are able to provide premium grade AAA Mao Shan Wang and Black Gold Durians. They also offer wholesale service to durian reseller as well.
The ordering process is hassle-free. The website is user-friendly with all the information required. You can opt for fresh durian or frozen durian with pricing updated on the website.

Here’s my order- Premium Black Gold Durian, AAA Mao Shan Wang and ‘A’ grade Mao Shan Wang.Upon checkout, you can opt for the delivery date and the time as usual. I received my durians on the designated date and it came early than what I stated. The durians are sealed and packed nicely in order to keep the freshness. As long as the packaging is properly sealed, you can freeze it in the fridge without the smell.After trying all three types, my favourite goes to Black Gold Durians while my sisters preferred AAA Mao Shan Wang. What I like about the Black Gold Durian is that it has the silky texture and an intense buttery taste. There is a slight bitter aftertaste too. AAA Mao Shang Wang has the rich creamy and strong alcoholic taste that my sister enjoyed. They prefer the stronger smell and the flesh colours are beautiful in yellow. As for the ‘A’ Mao Shan Wang, we think the taste is not as strong as compared with the other two flavours and the flesh is not creamy enough to our preference.

Premium ‘AAA’ Mao Shan Wang
Premium Black Gold Durian
Mao Shan Wang Grade ‘A’

And we got FREE delivery since the order is above S$100. With S$100, you will most probably get 3 boxes of durians just like I did.
To be honest, there are many durian sellers in the market and the durian pricing is quite competitive. Although the price in 8 Durian is not the cheapest in the market, it is quite reasonable and affordable. They also offer Express 1 Hour Delivery with an additional S$18.00.
Furthermore, they also provide FULL refund via store credits if you delivery is late (by an hour or more). What distinguish them from others’ website is that they have “24 Hours Whatsapp Chat” at 8555 37032 for assistance.
For more information and your durian fix, visit them https://8durian.com/

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