[OSAKA EATS] The 5 CM Katsudon Chiyomatsu by Former Sumo Wrestler at Dotonbori Main Store Osaka

Katsudon Chiyomatsu is a popular katsudon shop opened by former sekitori ( sumo wrestler). It is known for its special 5cm pork cutlet/ katsu bowl so we decided to give it a try. We reached the store around 7pm and queued for an hour plus before securing our seat. The store has limited space with only 12 seats at the U-shaped counter. Diners get to watch chef on action while waiting for food to be served.
Katsudon Chiyomatsu Namba Osaka

Katsudon Chiyomatsu Namba Osaka Japan
Take the subway Station to Namba Station and Exit via 16. Walk approximately 700m and you will find the store along the shophouse. It is located along a small alley and the store is opposite Lawson convenience store.
Katsudon Chiyomatsu Osaka-MenuKatsudon Chiyomatsu Namba Osaka-Order chit
We were given the menu while queuing to decide on our order. The menu is available in Japanese and English Menu. The staff will take your order before you enter and pass you the order chit as photo sample. You will then pass it to the chef once you settle down in the restaurant. The chef will start processing the order accordingly.Hence, the waiting time is less than 15 minutes.
Katsudon Chiyomatsu Namba Osaka-5cm katsudon
Katsudon Chiyomatsu Osaka 5cm katsudon
We ordered their Supreme, the signature 5cm Katsudon (400g pork of hard-to-find parts) with pickles ¥ 2,400 ~ S$24.00. The pork cutlet is cooked at low temperature for 24 hours and then deep-fried. It is then filled with egg and 200g of rice. Look at how thick the pork cutlet is but it is still soft and moist in the inside.
Katsudon Chiyomatsu Osaka-Spices
It is best to enjoy on its own or you can opt to go with the spices on the table. There are quite a number of spices on the table for diners to try out. For me personally, I enjoyed the original taste of the meat. Not oily and too heavy to enjoy. It is surprisingly quite enjoyable except that the portion is recommend sharing with a friend.

Katsudon Chiyomatsu Osaka 250g katsudon
We also ordered the Normal, 2.5cm Katsudon (200g pork) with pickles ¥ 1,250 ~ S$12.50. The pork cutlet is cooked at low temperature for 12 hours and then deep-fried.

As for drinks, we did not order but they serve us complimentary tea. This applicable across all Japanese restaurants in Japan. Alternatively, you can order your choice of drinks or try their ‘surprising size” drinks. It is a huge mug and best for sharing.

@hazeldiary_ We tried the thickest katsudon at Katsudon Chiyomatsu | Osaka and it was good! #thingstodoinosaka #osakatravel ♬ Character – Ryokuoushoku Shakai

The menu only offers pork katsudon in two sizes- 5cm or 2.5cm. If you prefer fried chicken, there is an option called Saint- a bowl of rice topped with fried chicken and eggs (350g chicken) with pickles.

If you wish to give it a try, do prepare to queue. The queue will take approximately 1hour to 2 hours. Overall, it was a good meal, and the pork was tender and cooked into perfection. We will be back for it again if the queue is less than 30 minutes because queuing in the cold is no joke.

Note: Payment in CASH ONLY.

Address: Katsudon Chiyomatsu Dotonbori Main Store
1 Chome-1-10 Sennichimae,
Chuo Ward, Osaka,
542-0074, Japan
Tel: +81662125920
Opening Hours: 11:00AM-9:00PM

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  1. Are you 100% sure they sous vide a 400g piece of pork for 24 hours?

    Because that’s insane amount of time and these are prime cuts too so the cooking time is much faster than rough cuts.

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