[SG BEAUTY] Hair Scalp Treatment for Ladies ONLY At Bee Choo Origin Ladies

[SG BEAUTY] Hair Scalp Treatment for Ladies ONLY At Bee Choo Origin Ladies

There is one Bee Choo Origin outlet just right below my block and I have never try their service before. My friends also mentioned that they are using this brand for their hair care treatment. They even signed up package with Bee Choo Origin in Malaysia. So when I received an invite from Bee Choo Origin Ladies, I decided to give it a try.Bee Choo Origin Ladies Pahang Street
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I signed up for hair scalp treatment package a year ago and just ended few months ago. And this came in the right time. So, I took up the offer in exchange for social media exposure with Bee Choo Origin Ladies.
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Bee Choo Origin Ladies is located at 5 Pahang Street, which requires approximately 10 minutes walk from Bugis MRT Station. The uniqueness of this outlet is that they only cater to ladies only. This specialized retail concept has been running for business since year 2002. I think this is ideal for Muslim ladies or ladies who wanted more privacy.
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Upon arrival, the therapist will examine the hair condition first. She will conduct the microscopic scalp analysis using a tool to scan my scalp and examine the condition.
P/S: However, the hair scanning will be conduct during off peak hours from 10:00AM – 5:00PM on weekdays or after 4:00PM on Sundays.
And yes! My scalp appeared to be oily, dry and sensitive according to the scan result. There is sign of hair loss too. I did highlight to the therapist that I swim weekly basis and she explained that the chlorine water also affect the hair and scalp as well. She also mentioned that issues like stress, lack of sleep and lifestyle also contribute to unhealthy scalp.

Once the scanning is completed, we start out Herbal Scalp Treatment. The therapist explained that this treatment uses 100% natural herbal ingredients. The whole treatment takes about 1.5 – 2 hours. So, be sure you get yourself entertained throughout the session. Oh ya… this treatment is safe for pregnant women too.
Firstly, therapist massaged my scalp with ginger hair tonic. The purpose of the massage is to relax the scalp and relieve the tension on my neck and shoulder as well. And of course, the ginger hair tonic also helps to stimulate the opening of the pores in the scalp. Then, she uses 100% pure virgin olive oil to apply onto my hair ends to condition and soften the hair.
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Next, she started to apply the signature herbal treatment cream all over my scalp. The treatment cream contains traditional herbs including ginseng , dang gui and ligusticum (chuan xiong). Each herb serve a purpose like chuan xiong is to improve blood circulation which helps the sebaceous glands to function healthily. Thus, the herbal smell is very strong and it will linger in the hair for almost a week. This happens to me! So, be prepared with the smell even though it is still bearable.
P/S: This treatment also addresses to hair loss, white/grey hair , dandruff, chemically damaged hair, bacterial infection and oily itchy scalp.
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Once the therapist covered all over my scalp, she carefully wrapped up with plastic sheets and placed a steamer over my head. The steaming process takes about 45minutes. Thank god that the outlet provide FREE wifi services. You can either read some magazines or browsing the explorer or just wait patiently for it to be over.

As the timer strikes, it is a signal that the steaming process is completed. The therapist will lead you to rinse and wash off. She will use the Shampoo specializes for the treatment and conditioned the hair. Once she has completed the steps, we then proceed back to my seat to blow dry. The therapist only semi-dry my hair so that she apply nourishing hair cream to protect the hair. And this marks the end of the treatment session.

After the treatment is completed, I felt that my scalp is not that oily the moment I stepped into the salon. I also use their Purity scalp hair shampoo and scalp hair tonic daily to improve my scalp condition. These two products are recommended by the therapist. I have been using it for weeks now. So far so good but I think monthly scalp treatment is still needed to maintain a clean and healthy scalp. I shall look forward to my next scalp appointment with them.

But do take note that the Chinese herbs smell is quite strong and it stays in your hair for quite a number of days. There is also possibility that the treatment will affect the colour of your colour-treated hair. These are the things that you need to take note if you consider to try herbal scalp treatment.
Note: The price starts from S$41.00 onwards and it depends on your hair length. For outlet that caters for unisex, price may differ.

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Bee Choo Origin Ladies
Address: 5 Pahang Street
Singapore 198606
Tel: +65 6291 5354
Opening Hours:
Monday –Friday 10:00AM – 08:00PM
Saturday, Sunday & All Public Holiday 10:00AM – 08:00PM
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[No monetary compensation was received for this review and all opinions were based on my own experience.]

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