[SG EATS] Menya Kokoro At Suntec City Mall – Maze-Soba Restaurant Chain from Japan

Menya Kokoro, the largest authentic Maze-Soba restaurant chain from Japan opens its first ever outlet in Singapore. The popular chain has opened 27 outlets around the world ( Japan, Indonesia, Spain, Thailand and Vancouver) in just 4 years! Amazing!

The founder, Chef Takuma Ishikawa, who has 13 years of culinary experience is trained under the original masters and creators of Maze-Soba- Menya Hanabi (the restaurant known for inventing Maze-Soba and introducing to the world).Menya Kokoro Suntec City-Tokyo Mazesoba
What makes Maze-Soba (Japanese dry ramen) so unique?
1. Precision – Noodles are cooked for exactly 8 mins 40 secs for the perfect chewy texture
2. Healthy- Noodles are made using healthy and fibrous whole wheat flour with purified water
3. Authentic- The Maze-Sona sauce, made from a secret recipe, is specially flown in from Japan. The minced meat topping is specially slow-cooked Japanese-style with a secret recipe

How to eat Maze-soba?
Menya Kokoro Suntec City-How to enjoy mazesoba
Menya Kokoro Suntec City-Maze-Don
In Japanese, “Maze” means” to mix” and “soba” means “noodles”. So, all you need to do it to mix the noodles with all the ingredients in it. You can add vinegar or chilli oil to enhance your taste buds experience.
Menya Kokoro Suntec City-Menu
There are 3 dishes specially created for Menya Kokoro Singapore including Maze-Don, Curry Maze-Don and Vegan Maze-Soba. We did not try Vegan Maze-Soba on that day. Here are the dishes we tried:

Original Maze-Soba S$10.80++ (Regular) | S$12.80++ (L)
Menya Kokoro Suntec City-Maze-soba-1
The bowl of goodness consists up to 12 ingredients including minced meat sauce, nori (seaweed), green onions, chives, bamboo shoots, ground saba fish and poached egg. It also comes with a complimentarty small bowl of mushroom kombu-based soup.

Curry Maze-Soba S$13.80++ (Regular) | S$15.80++ (L)
Menya Kokoro Suntec City-Curry Maze-soba
Same bowl of goodness with Japanese curry made in-house and grilled chicken in it. Mix it with the soba noodles to enjoy it.

Spicy Maze-Soba S$11.80++ (Regular) | S$13.80++ (L)
Menya Kokoro Suntec City-Spicy mazesoba
Menya Kokoro Suntec City-Maze-Soba
A spicier version of Maze- Soba and if you are up to challenge, give this a try. It was fiery hot for me.

Curry Maze-Don S$11.80++ (Regular) | S$13.80++ (L)
Menya Kokoro Suntec City-Tokyo Mazesoba-1
Same bowl of goodness with Japanese curry made in-house and grilled chicken in it. Mix it with the Japanese rice instead to enjoy it.

The first thing that comes into my mind after my first taste of maze-soba was abacus seed. It has the similar texture with so many ingredients mixing together that gives a complex flavours. Some said it reminds them of local taste of bak chor mee but this has stronger flavours.
And mind you! The Japanese curry sauce here tasted spicy for my spicy tolerance level. So, for those who doesn’t take spicy food, order the original version instead?
Menya Kokoro Suntec City-Karaage
Menya Kokoro Suntec City-Chicken Wing
Menya Kokoro Suntec City-Takoyaki
Ala-carte dishes including Chicken Karaage S$4.80 for 4pcs , Chicken Wings S$4.80 for 2pcs and Takoyaki S$4.80 for 4pcs are available to order.

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Menya Kokoro
Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard # 03-313 Suntec City Mall Singapore 038983
Tel: +65 6235 3386
Opening Hours: 11:00AM – 10:00PM Daily
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/menyakokorosg/

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