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[PRODUCT REVIEW] Seagate Ultra Touch Portable Storage – Ultra Small Portable External SSD & HDD

Ultra Touch SSD is Seagate’s latest addition to its popular line of external SSD storage, now available in Singapore. Swift, small, and featuring Seagate’s Android backup app, Ultra Touch SSD is the ultimate external SSD for storing photos, videos, and music from your mobile device. I was introduced to this portable device few months ago and been using it since then. Read More

[PRODUCT REVIEW] Antidote Launches Kombucha Drinks Apart From Cold-Press Juice Cleanses

Antidote started off as one of the cold-press juice pioneer in Singapore. The company produces juices made for the health conscious urbanite. Their juices are designed to enhance the overall well-being of every individual. They have juices programme that customized for weight loss, detox and etc. I did my 3 days juice cleansing with them previously in year 2017. Fast forward, they have recently started offering kombucha drinks. Read More

[SG BEAUTY Review] My Ellanse Collagen Fillers Treatment Experience with The Clifford Clinic

I have been seeing celebrity doctor, Dr Gerard Ee from The Clifford Clinic (famous celebrity clinic in Singapore!) for more than a year. It is all thanks to him that all the pigmentations on my face were removed. You can read more about my pigmentation removal treatment – Pico Laser here. Recently, I did Ellanse Fillers Treatment with Dr Ee and here I am, documenting my experience on the blog. Read More

[PRODUCT REVIEW] One Hour Florist in Singapore

Another online florist store for your consideration in Singapore and this time we have the One Hour Florist that offers delivery services within 1 hour with terms and conditions apply. The website is simple and user-friendly. For affordable pricing online florists in Singapore, check out the posts here. Read More

[PRODUCT REVIEW] Masons Home Décor DIY Terrarium Kit

I received a box of DIY Terrarium Kit from Masons Home Décor recently. A terrarium is a glass container containing soil and plants, and kept as decorative or ornamental items.It is also consider as a mini indoor gardens for home decoration. Although this is not my first time doing DIY Terrarium, I am still looking forward to do it. It is like an activity to spend time with yourself or even a bonding session for those who have kids. Read More

[PRODUCT REVIEW] Wen’s Whitebait Powder For Cooking– Suitable For All Ages

Wen’s specializes in seafood powders, processed to suit everyone’s consumption from as young as 6 months old. As you search Wen’s Whitebait Powder online, the brand is well-known among the mummies. They use the ready made food powders to add into their children’s food to enhance the flavours.
Apart from that,the products are high in DHA, Calcium, Phosphorus and many more minerals, good for brain, heart, bone and teeth development. This explains why it is one of the choices for mummies to include in the children’s food. Read More

[PRODUCT REVIEW] FARM Florist Singapore Delivery – Surprise Bouquet or Bloom Box Below S$45

FARM Florist is an online florist Singapore that offers fresh flowers delivery. The uniqueness of FARM florist is that they do offer a range of bouquets that are below S$45.00, and with FREE delivery apart from high range of flowers. They also offer same day delivery to all parts of Singapore except to Tuas, Sentosa and Jurong Island. Delivery to Tuas, Sentosa and Jurong Island is S$30.00 per order. Read More


We all want a smile with white teeth and in order to achieve it, we will usually seek for dental checkup for teeth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening treatment can cost easily from S$200 onwards for single session. There are some LED light teeth whitening available at beauty parlour as well. In order to maintain white teeth, you may require consistent commitment and maintenance. Read More

[SG BEAUTY] The Perfect Fit Journey with Finely Cup Lingerie from Fablife Style

How do you know when your bra fits correctly? When 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong size bra without even knowing it, are you one of them? Women have different types of breasts that need different support. It is not just the size but also the shape and placing lead to different requirements in the choice of bra. It is interesting to learn more about this area of knowledge. All thanks to Fablife Style for sharing and guiding me about the importance of bra support. Read More

[PRODUCT REVIEW + GIVEAWAY] Roses Only Singapore– One stop solution for Roses Gifts!

Roses Only Singapore is an online florist that offers gift and flower delivery to island wide Singapore. This is my second time receiving roses from them and I am sharing more on this post. Roses Only also offer global delivery services and the countries are listed in the website. Read More