Shopping with GoBuyLah

Oh Well.. I have been introduced with various online shopping platforms through the power of social media. GoBuyLah is the recent one that provides a stop for quite a range groups of products. They cover foods include snacks and organic food items, beauty products, appliances, massage packages and etc. GoBuyLah is the online store that combines the B2C and C2C markets into one platform based in Singapore. What makes them unique from others is their personalized order schedules that ensure customers receive their products at the designated selected date and time.GoBuy lah 1 GoBuy lah 2

Before you start shopping with them, get yourself register first. Once you are in, you can start shopping happily. I personally feel that this will be one of the advantage for SME companies to ensure the pantry goodies are in place. Pantries shopping are available for office place where you can conveniently shop and get them deliver to your office doorstep. Hassle-free for those busy at work!GoBuy lah 4 GoBuy lah 5

Electronic appliances are available here to choose and deliver to doorstep. It is quite convenient as you can have read up the reviews and product’s specifications from the web and click into shopping cart to purchase. I do have the concern for not having visual touch on the products before buying as it involves quite an amount of money to purchase. But fret not, the platform is safe and secure. I just had my first electronic oven delivered to doorsteps last week!GoBuy lah 3Gobuylah

Once I confirmed my order, there are few steps need to be taken in action. There are billing information, shipping method and payment method. There is also a section for the delivery date. You can choose the date and time options to ensure smooth delivery. Once it is confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation from GoBuyLah. You may receive email from the staff stating that the items might not be instock at this moment. They will notified via email within 24 hours to get further action from your side. The initial model that I choose was out of stock and I couldn’t wait for the model to come in. Hence, I opt for another model proposed by the staff. Once everything is finalized with the delivery date and time remain, I am ready for the delivery to the doorstep.GoBuylah

On the day itself, I received an SMS notification from the outsource delivery company on the delivery day itself. They will notify that the delivery is out and on its way now. It is good to have update from the delivery party to ensure your products delivery is confirmed. I had my delivery done on Saturday and best solutions for working people who is not at home all days during weekdays. Here are the kitchen appliances that I ordered through the website :-

GoBuylah 11 GoBuylah 12I am glad that the products are delivered safely and hassle-free.My mum is so excited with the mini shabu shabu pot when it arrives at the door step. We are going to utilize the products well. Stay tuned to my instagram for my cooking dishes from time to time :)

GoBuy lah 6

And if you browse through GoBuyLah website, there are some offers and contest going on. One of the on-going offer is the first time sign up customers will get S$5.00 off which can be utilized to deduct with minimum purchase of S$50.00.GoBuy lah 7

You can also enter the contest to win an Apple Watch! From now till end June 2015, all who make purchases above S$50.00 will stand to win. Each purchase above S$50.00 is entitled to 1 draw.

Also, Good news for my readers when you quote “HAZEL05” , you will get an additional S$5.00 off! Total of S$10.00 off for your guys as there is S$5.00 off for the new members! So, get discount code to start shopping with GoBuyLah.



Chabuton @ Millennia Walk

Chabuton has opened a brand new outlet at Millenia Walk. It was my second time visiting Chabuton. My first experience with Chabuton was at their outlet located at 313 Somerset sometime back. The restaurant is the brainchild of Chef Yasuji Morizumi, the world’s first ramen chef to receive a Michelin star. In conjunction with this launch, Chabuton has introduced a new dish, Yoruton Ramen S$12.90 which has five levels of spiciness. The ramen is available from 18 May 2015 onwards til 31 July 2015.1Chabuton Millenia Walk 1 1Chabuton Millenia Walk

During the official opening, we had the chance to try level 3 & level 5 spiciness of the ranen. As I am not a spicy lover, I find level 3 was quite a challenge for me. Some says level 5 was the truly ultimate challenge of all. And true enough it was as there were a ramen competition going on that day. All 5 contestants need to finish the ramen and the level 5 spiciness soup to be the ultimate winner. We can see from their expression that it was mighty hot heels!1Chabuton Millenia Walk 4 1Chabuton Millenia Walk 5

Yoruton Ramen’s spicy broth is a special chilli paste with Chabuton’s signature tonkotsu soup. Here are the five levels of spiciness to scale.

Level 1 : Suitable for those with a low tolerance for spicy food

Level 2 : Just a little spice to stimulate the taste buds

Level 3 : For those who are feeling adventurous

Level 4 : For self-professed chilli lovers that can withstand the fieriness

Level 5 : Be warned: this is tongue-tourching and nose-watering!

Chabuton is also launching the Yoruton Ramen Loyalty Card for customers. For those who order the Yoruton Ramen, they will receive a loyalty card. Every order of the Yoruton Ramen, patrons will receive a stamp. With every 5 stamps collected, patrons will receive cash vouchers. The completed card will also be entered in the Grand Lucky Draw, where participants will stand a chance to win an iPhone 6 Plus. There are 4 iphone 6 Plus to be won.

1Chabuton Millenia Walk 8

Other than ramen, there is also Char Siew Don S$4.00 available. Juicy tender meat that goes pretty well with the fragrant rice.1Chabuton Millenia Walk 7

Or Kaki Fry S$6.00 served with breaded juicy oysters. It goes pretty with a dip of mayo. 1Chabuton Millenia Walk 3

Fried Squid S$5.00 which can be pretty addictive with the crispy and chewy squid rings.1Chabuton Millenia Walk 6

Hitokuchi Gyoza S$5.00 nicely served. However, I find the skin is thick and barely enjoy the fillings of the dumpling.1Chabuton Millenia Walk 10

You can always end the meal with Japanese Jellies S$2.00 each.

Thanks Amanda & Racheal and Chabuton for the invite.

Chabuton @ Millennia Walk

9 Raffles Boulevard


Singapore 039596

Opening Hours: 11:30AM – 10:00PM

Tel: 6837 0335


Instagram: #chabutonsg #yorutonramen #Spicy


Eric and I decided to explore this vintage café, AEIOU which is accessible with walking distance from Lavendar MRT station. The café has an interesting theme that does reminisce some of the childhood memories. It is indeed a unique and interesting setup by the owners.aeiou aeiou1

Since most of the instagram photos recommending the ice blended avocado with two shots of espresso, we decided to give it a try. We ordered the Ice Blended Blueberry and Avocado with two shots of espresso each S$8.00. Both has the refreshing taste with the aromatic espresso. Surprisingly well combination I would say.aeiou2

We ordered Oven-Baked Whole Chicken S$22.90 which is well-received in social media as well. The chicken is stuffed with garlic, rosemary and thyme that gives a fragrance smell. There are sides served. Mash potatoes and sweetcorn with brown sauce and pepper mustard. I personally feel that the chicken meat is juicy and smooth to enjoy. This is just nice for sharing for 2 to 3 persons.aeiou3

Moolicious Beef Cheeks Pasta S$24.90 was our choice the day. Although the photo does not look appealing due to the colours, this is surprisingly savory. I love the taste of it as it has the Asian mix taste in it. The beef cheeks are so moist and tender with the vinegar taste. The dish is cooked with the tangy balsamic vinegar and thus this explains the slight taste of sourness.


Generally we enjoyed the meal and the services. The staffs are prompt to our response and the foods are served within the time limit. If you are dropping by for a visit, their ice blended fruits with espresso shots is a must order drink. Hopefully you like it as much as I do.

*P/S: Photos credited to Eric*


111A King George’s Ave

Singapore 208559
T: +65 6291 2698

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