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Singapore is a bustling city where everyone is busy with working life. So dinners are normally dine out or even take-away. The trend has been growing with young generations do not cook at home as well. Some entrepreneurs see this as an opportunity and seize the chance to come up with food delivery services. There are few websites that served such services and one of them is 4

Foodpanda provides a wide variety choices of difference cuisine restaurants to select from. I trust ordering food delivery is no stranger to anyone of you. McDonalds delivery is the most common one to start off with. Fret not, Foodpanda website has a user friendly interface to start your food delivery. All you have to do is to enter your postcode. It will generate the list of the restaurants that are available for you to choose from.Take your pick from the choice of restaurant menu and place your order. As easy as that!Foodpanda 3foodpanda payment

Once selection is confirm,you can determine the payment option to be either cash on delivery, online payment or PayPal. Orders are completed and you will receive an SMS indicating the time of arrival. You will also receive an email notification from FoodPanda on your successful transaction.foodpanda 2

I ordered Four Fingers through Food Panda for the first time and the delivery time is as stated in the SMS. My dinner is settled with a click on the mouse. Superb easy and convenient!foodPanda_SG

Thanks to Food Panda SG team, my readers are able to enjoy a simple discount. Simply quote “FPHAZEL” upon their checkout and you would be entitled to 25% off total bill. This code is applicable for new customers via online payment, valid for restaurants that accepts voucher and available till 31 December 2014.



GRUB Noodle Bar

 1Grub Noodle BarGrub Noodle Bar is the third F&B concept from the people behind Grub at Bishan Park and Fix Café at HomeTeamNS. They have converted their previous cooking studio into a supper bar. The bar is located at Rangoon Road which is an approximately a 10mins walk from Farrer Park MRT station. Their official opening day is on 16th October and we had a media preview few days before they officially started.1Grub Noodle Bar 1

The place has an open concept kitchen with simple and yet stylish interior design for the dinning place. With the huge glass display at the end of the place gives the whole place a spacious look. And most importantly their kitchen ventilation is well-designed as we were walked out the place without any frying smell.1Grub Noodle Bar Kang Kong Salad

We started off with Kang Kong Salad S$7.00 which gave me a surprise. Unlike the salads that served in restaurants, Grub decided to serve salad with kang kong tossed in a Nonya achar and house dressing. It turned out to be an appetizing combination and touch of crunchiness.1Grub Noodle Bar Soft Shell Crab

Soft Shell Crab S$13.00 served with mayo and house seasoning. Crispy golden deep fried snack with has the nature sweetness that blend well with the sauces.1Grub Noodle Bar Drumlet1Grub Noodle Bar Beer

Chicken Drumlets S$9.00 coated with curry leaves, garlic and sesame seeds. It’s decent good with the crunchy bites and best have it with beer. Grub also offers bottled and draft beers for diners to enjoy the night.1Grub Noodle Bar Scallop Tataki

I would recommend you to try Hokkaido Scallop Tataki S$15.00 because it is my favourite. Fresh scallop lightly torched with mustard glaze and mandarin orange segments. Scallop sliced thinly with the well combination with the ingredients taste awesome just like sashimi for me.2Grub Noodle Bar 2

Baby cuttlefish S$9.00 is another option for those we are heading for beer. The dish was deep fried into a delightful crisp with basil pesto mayo.1Grub Noodle Bar Venus Clam

Venus Clams S$13.00 sautéed with beer, toasted ginger and lemongrass broth was indeed flavorful. Taste of clam sweetness and not overwhelming beer taste is just perfectly fine to have.1Grub Noodle Bar 3

Live Tiger Prawn S$15.00 steamed in sake, garlic and ginger glaze was a splendid one. Nature freshness of the prawn gives the sweetness into the seasoning.1Grub Noodle Bar Assam Laksa

Assam Laksa S$13.00 comes with prawns, fresh cucumber, pineapple chinks and fish gravy. It’s a bowl of goodness with combination of sweet, sour and spicy taste. It is one of the worth trying assam laksa in Singapore as compared to other places though.1Grub Noodle Bar Beef Noodles 1Grub Noodle Bar Beef Noodles 1 1Grub Noodle Bar Beef 1Grub Noodle Bar 4

Beef Noodles serving from S$12.00 to S$19.00 is the signature main course at Grub Noodle Bar.There are 4 types of beef slices – Pasture-Fed Brisket, Pasture- Fed Rump, 100% Hormone and Antibiotic free 150-day Grainfed Angus Sirloin and 100% Hormone and Antibiotic free 150-day Grainfed Angus Ribeye. The noodles are freshly made by their supplier everyday with their in-house sauce. The bowl is full of goodness and flavorful taste with the meatballs, minced beef and mushroom stew.

My choice of beef broth is the angus ribeye S$19.00 that has the smooth and tender meat texture. But the sirloin S$17.00 tasted not bad too. The portion served was value for money and quite filling if you are having it all by yourself. The beef broth is quite addictive with its mild and less oily taste. There is also homemade Chinchalok to go with the beef noodles and it taste pretty good.

Grub Noodle Bar has started their operation on 16/10/2014. This would be an ideal place for people who are craving for supper or even those who knock off late and can’t find elsewhere to have a nice decent dinner.

Grub Noodle Bar

221 Rangoon Road Singapore 218459

Tel:6341 5341

Opening Hours:
Tue-Sun: 7:00PM – 12:30AM

Migme App~ A click to link around the globe #Migmesg #MigupSG

Thankful for the exposure through blogging as I have an addition in my ‘family members’ of social platform to share my foodalogue and travelogue photos now. A group of bloggers are invited to the #migupSG talk at the team head office with the kind invitation from the audience team. There were presentation sharing session by Migme team with the background and also the social platform.

Migme which is formerly known as mig33 has been re-branded with new add-ons stuffs that you wouldn’t want to miss.Migme has grown to become a mobile entertainment platform that services Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East and Africa. Thus, you will see a total different pools of social users in Migme as compared with other social platforms. People from different parts of the globe but get connected through Migme.migmesg

There are celebrities stories and daily dose available on this platform. Interaction can be done with a form of emoticons, visual gifts and stickers. It can be as easy as this!migmesg 1 migmesg

Migme has the similiar concept of Facebook and twitter. However, Migme has it’s own uniqueness. It has the leveling system where you need to achieve each level task in order to level up.And of course the higher the level, the level of difficulties will also goes up. As the level starts to become higher, you will be awarded with badges and more functions to be utilize in the social platform.For instance, to create a group chats at a certain level or even to sending gifts.migmesg function

Other than leveling up, users can also explore to other functions such as Discover, Stories or even play games. Each time you login in, you will be feed with all kinds of news and featured theme or posts by the editor. There are contests running too. So, do keep yourself posted with such sweet treats! With the new branding, there are new emoticons, virtual gifts and stickers to enhance the way you express with social media.

Migme is also available on the web and mobile. Their new app is available to download on Google Play Store. Get involve and expose to Migme today!migmesg 2

All you have to do is to sign up and add me. We can have more interaction and express ourselves better with the new emoticons, visual gifts and stickers. We got cute stickers from the team during the talk that day.And I had them pasted on my working cubicle to brighten my day!Migmesg 3

There is also an avatar for every user in Migme that you wouldn’t miss having fun with it.You can play dress up or even ”surgery” (change of face appearance) on your avatar too. So, i think it is pretty cool that unlike the usual real life photo, we can have avatar as our representative in the social media.

I am still a beginner in Migme and will trying my ways to level up now. Do join in the fun with me and explore the unexpected with Migme!

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