Chang Thai @ Block 151, Bishan Street 11

Chang Thai is a Thai restaurant that is located at the neighbourhood area. For those staying around the north and looking for affordable Thai cuisine, this will be an added list then.It is approximately 15-20 minutes walk from Bishan MRT station. Alternatively, you can always take a bus to reach the destination.1Chang Thai 1
A bit of the history of Chang Thai for you guys. The eatery is founded by 3 buddies in their 20s to 30 that comes with different working backgrounds. But they shared the common interest and passion on Thai Foods and thus, we have the affordable Thai cuisine in neighourhood area.1chang thai drinks
 We had the Lemon Grass Drink and Thai Milk Green Tea S$2.50 each.Thai Milk Green Tea is something different from the usual Lemongrass drink.
1chang thai 7
Pandan Chicken S$2.50/pc was tender, juicy and fragrance from the aroma smell of the pandan leaves.1Chang Thai Fish cake
 Fish Cake S$5.80 for 3pcs.Made from the scratch with the fresh fish meat and Thai herbs and spices taste Q and springy inside.1Chang Thai Prawn cake
Prawn Cake S$5.80 for 3pcs. You can taste the freshness, crisp and rich prawn paste.1chang thai3

 Mango Salad S$6.00 is one of the signature Thai dish to savor before main order is served.1chang thai 6

Beef Noodle Soup S$7.00 was my favourite overall. The soup broth has the nourishing and rich flavor and it is quite addictive after few sips.1chang thai 4

Highly recommended dish, Garlic Honey Chicken comes in two sizes S$6.00/S$8.00. Nicely fried with even spread of honey over the crisp chicken striking the balance with the tenderness, juiciness and sweetness.1Chang Thai Pad thai

Pad Thai comes in two sizes S$6.00/ S$9.00. Definitely a value for money as the portion is very generous.1Chang thai lemongrass seabass

We were introduced to Steamed Seabass with Lemongrass S$25.00. The fish freshness is the key for steamed dish. The combination of seabass with lemongrass was indeed achieve a balance of sweetness and aroma fragrance.1Chang Thai 2

As for desserts, we tried Tapioca with Coconut Milk S$4.00. Loving the soft texture of the tapioca with coconut milk spreaded over it.1Chang Thai Red ruby

Red Ruby with Jackfruit S$5.00 is my favourite Thai dessert. Red ruby here is homemade and it not starchy at all. And slices of jackfruit completes the sweet taste of the dessert.1Chang Thai

Lastly we had Mango Sticky Rice S$6.00. Smooth and sweet mango with the sticky moist glutinous rice make the perfect combination. They served good ones here.

Overall the range of foods and price offered was quite affordable. The restaurant has ready space for family diners or even friends gathering. It is quite an offer for heart landers if they are craving for Thai cuisine and not wanting to get out of neighbourhood. This would be a choice for them.

Thank you Derrick and Christina for this food tasting invitation and Chang Thai for hosting us.

Chang Thai @ 151
Block 151, #01-195,
Bishan Street 11.
Singapore 570151

Tel: (+65) 8556 6899

Opening hours: Daily
Sun – Thurs
Lunch: 11am – 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.30pm – 10pm

Fri – Sat

Lunch: 11am – 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.30pm – 10.30pm


Bincho @ Hua Bee, Tiong Bahru

Located a walking distance from Tiong Bahru MRT station lies an interesting neighborhood coffeeshop cum restaurant concept. This corner shop runs a day time coffeeshop, Hua Bee selling Mee Pok and transform into a yakitori restaurant called Bincho after sunset. The interior has divided into three different interesting concept. The first area is the coffeeshop settings followed by counter seats where diners can witness how Chef Asai-san in action.Lastly is the bar counters that was filled with mysterious feel with the special lightings.1Bincho 12Bincho 29bincho 95bincho 5Bincho bistro

Special creation of cocktails are available by different seasons.4Bincho 4bincho cocktail

We were served with Bincho Set S$120++ which comes with 9 types of dishes. First, we have the assorted appertizer. Elegantly displayed with mixture of fusion taste.Edamame tamago, mizuna oyitashi, chicken liver pate and salmon nimono were savory to start off.6Bincho 6

Another appertizer served in simple and yet refreshing way.We have the miso paste with carrot and cucumber. The small bites are crunchy and tasty with the miso paste.7bincho 7

Assorted Sashimi fresh flown all the way from Japan. I was taught that the flower petals can be added to shoyu to enhance the fragrance.Followed with freshly grated wasabi spreaded on the sashimi and give a dip on the sauce was an enjoyable way to savour it.bincho sashimi1bincho sashimi 1

Nicely grilled marbled wagyu beef was served next.All the way flown from Miyazaki kobe beef was an excellent quality not to be miss. Absolutely awesome as it melt in your mouth.1bincho wagyu beef

Grilled assorted vegetables was beautifully presented. It comes with the vibrant eggplant, chicken miso, mushrooms and grilled edamame. It’s my first time trying grilled edamame and boy the taste was way better than the boiled version.1binchosg

Yakitori platter comprises chicken neck, breast, wings and thigh are served along with different types of condiments. The condiments are wasabi, yuzu pepper, mushroom salt, five spices, japanese mustard and wholegrain mustard. I am thrilled to experience different types of condiments. Understand from the chef that the chickens are sourced from Johor and then slaughtered in Singapore to retain its freshness.1bincho grilled chicken

Momotaro tomato is also imported Japan and that’s explained the sweetness of it. The chef prepared the onion sauce to compliment with the juicy tomato which turned out to be really good.1binchosg 1

Tsukune with egg yolk is a well-known dish here. Loving the texture of the tsukune which is tender and moist and with the egg yolk spreaded all over it was smooth and not overwhelming. I can finish it all by myself.1bincho okinomiyaki

Yaki Onigiri Bukkake has the light broth taste that gives a smoothing pleasant when having it.


In between the Bincho Set serving, we also tried some of the ala carte menu. The Fresh Japanese Sweet Corn S$25 was one of the highlight. It’s my first time trying raw corn and it was juicy and sweet. But this ala-carte is only available during summer season and currently air flown in from Hokkaido.8bincho 8

Chef Asai-san also recommends the grilled chicken wing that stuffed with mentaiko. It’s like Thai chicken wing that stuffed with ingredients into it. A grilled taste of the outer part and slight salty taste of mentaiko in the inner part was a good try.1bincho grilled mentaiko chicken wing

Aka Konnyaku Kurobuta Roll which is also known as red japanese jelly wrapped with pork in a roll.Indeed a special dish for me as my first time trying red konnyaku and it turned out to work wonder with the kurobuta. The red konnyaku which is only available in Kyoto region tasted very Q and compliments well with the grilled pork.Not to mentioned that the sauce that made from egg yolk soaked in soy sauce for a say makes the taste even better!bincho red konnyaku with kurobuta roll

Dessert ended with Deraware Grape and Peach that are imported from Japan too. The tiny round grape was extremely juicy and sweet. It burst with the juicy when you bite it in your mouth.

 1Bincho dessert

Thanks Chef Asai-san and Denise for the invitation. I had a wonderful session learning more about the ingredients and the art of preparing the dishes. Also, Chef Asai-san took extra miles to source, plan and prepare seasonal menu to provide the creative, elegant and delicious yakitori cuisine for the diners. This explains the premium price that they offered for the efforts and preparations to provide a pleasant dinning experience for customers.

78 Moh Guan Terrace
Singapore 162078

Tel: +65 6438 4567

Opening Hours:
Tue – Fri: 6pm – 12mn
Sat – Sun: 12pm – 3pm (lunch), 6pm – 12mn


Faculty of Caffeine @ Jalan Trus, Johor Bahru

Cafe Hopping has been a trend recently. So this time round I hopped to this cafe which is a walking distance from City Square Mall. Situated along Jalan Trus, the cafe is actually accessible without any transportation if you are travelling from Singapore. 1-Faculty of Caffeine JBFaculty of Caffeine JB 11

The cafe has the vintage and retro style theme. The wall are decorated with artworks that enhance the beauty of the interior design. It has three sections which one of the section is the back of the cafe. The open air area has the view of the bustling road while you can enjoy the breeze winds blown to your face and enjoying a cup of coffee.2-Faculty of Caffeine JB 1

The staff recommended their specials that week. So, we ordered Green Power RM17.50 comes with avocado,bacon,scrambled eggs, spinach and toasted bread. Truly a greenish dish.

 5-Faculty of Caffeine JB 3

Flavored latte with rose choice RM9.50. Pleasant and not overwhelming taste of latte. 3-Faculty of Caffeine JB 2

Total bill RM29.70 inclusive 10% service charge. Loving this cafe where I can hang out with friends for some private moments.

Faculty of Caffeine
106, Jalan Trus
80000 Johor Bahru
opposite Galleria (Kotaraya), next to Plaza Seni

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