FatCat Ice Cream Bar @ Bedok

I finally my way to FatCat Ice Cream Bar after seeing instagram foodies flooding the feeds.I know I am slow but  betterlate than never, right? So, we headed to Bedok MRT station and walk towards to the Library and cross the road to Blk 416.It’s quite convenient and clear direction to get to the place. We were one of the few that arrived just few minutes after the opening hours.1Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar3

Ordersand payments are made at the cashier counter. Plain waters are available at a corner where self service. We waited for our orders to serve within 20 minutes time.1Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar1 1Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar2

We had the signature waffle S$6.00 with a scoop of Thai Milk Tea ice-cream (S$4.50 per scoop) and salted egg yolk sauce S$1.00. This dessert costs us S$11.50 for 2 pax sharing for that day. Personally prefer Creamier waffles texture but the salted egg yolk sauce is indeed a good choice.1Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar

I wanted to try their Lime Mojito Spheres but it was not available. They only had Blackforest sphere on that day. So, we ordered 2 at S$4.50 each to try.Loving the bursting flavour that goes ‘POP’ in one mouth with bits of chocolate crumbs after taste.

Total damage was S$20.50 nett (no service charge and GST).

Date of Visit: 14/06/2015

FatCat Ice-Cream Bar

Blk 416 Bedok North Ave 2


Singapore 460416

Website: http://www.fatcat.sg


Instagram @fatcatsg

Enbu @ Eat At Seven

I was invited for the special preview launch of the first concept of Eat At Seven, Enbu few days back. Enbu is Singapore’s first ever Warayaki and Charcoal Grill Izakaya. Eat At Seven is a concept by Global Retail Partners. Global Retail partners is a joint venture by ANA Trading , local veteran restaurateur Mr Andrew Tan from Tomo F&B Pte Ltd and Komars Group. The group has managed to galvanize seven of the most popular food concepts in japan to foray into Singapore.1Enbu Jap 1 1Enbu Jap

Enbu is located at level three of Suntec City’s newest Sky Garden. The restaurant is having 600-seater which able to serve diners well. Since the rest of the concept is still undergoing renovation, we are lucky enough to have the first hand glimpse of what Enbu is serving.

Enbu is referring to “Dance of Flame”offers a casual yet classy dinning atmosphere with the choice of outdoor seating as well. The restaurant’s specialty is grilling with straws and charcoal grill which gives a wonderful smoky fragrance to the cuisines.

Facts Sharing:-

Warayaki Izakaya is a traditional cooking method that has its roots in Shikoku, Kochi prefecture. Chef Tatsunori Tara is the head chef and he combined traditional cooking methods with a new style izakaya presentation to create a true and exciting Japanese izakaya taste.

1Enbu Jap 2

First up is the Smoked Salmon with Homemade Cheese Tofu S$12.00 was delicately presented on the table. Combination of smooth tofu and well-balance cheese with smoked salmon was good start for the meal.1Enbu Jap 3

Deep fried tofu with Uni sauce S$12.00. Cripsy texture on the outside layer and smooth inner goes pretty well with the uni sauce. There is a sweetness taste dipping the sauce.

1Enbu Jap 8 1Enbu Jap 9

Taco Salad S$15.00 is served in an interesting manner. The salad veggies are prepared in individual jar and presented on the table. The staff will pour it over the crispy skin. The homemade beef & pork meat sauce has a slight spicy tinge because of the Mexican mixed pepper and japanese chilli pepper. It has the mixture of Asian and western flavours taste in it. Mind you as it is addictive!1Enbu Jap 6 1Enbu Jap 7 1Enbu Jap 5

Assorted sashimi was one of the highlight. The fishes are freshly flown in twice weekly provide the guarantee freshness. There are portion for 2 pax S$60.00 onwards and 4pax for S$120.00++. Uni (Sea Urchin) was my top favourite as I am attracted with its sweetness taste.1Enbu Jap 14

One more favourite of mine is the Oyster and Spinach Teppanyaki with Uni Sauce S$15.00 (4pcs). Bursting juicy of the fresh grilled oyster with the uni sauce gave a sweet touch after taste.1Enbu Jap 10 1Enbu Jap 11

Chicken Warayaki with Special Spring Onion Sauce S$12.00 was their speciality. It has our local satay appearance. But the texture is soft and tender and best to have it upon serving. I enjoyed it with lettuce wrapped with cucumber slices and spring onion sauce. Just like how you enjoy Korean BBQ way.1Enbu Jap 13

Katsuo Warayaki S$16.00. Nicely wrapped in aluminum foil and straws (Japanese hay) to be presented on the table. Bonito smoked over burning and imported Japanese hay gives the outer layer of tuna cooked while inner layer is raw. Enjoy the slice with the sliced spring onions, minced ginger and soy sauce.1Enbu Jap 12

Homemade Steamed Tofu S$12.00. First taste without the sauce tasted like soya beancurd. But if you mix it with the ponzu sauce, bits of wasabi and ginger, you might love it as much as I do.1Enbu Jap 16

Lastly, Jya Jya Men S$13.00. Photo shown is only for sampling portion. Decent taste for a bowl of jya jya men with slightly salty flavour in it.

I definitely see myself returning the restaurant as customers. I am still reminiscing the fresh sashimi and oysters dish. Can’t wait for the rest of the concepts to launch!

Enbu will be officially open early July 2015. Stay Tuned!


3 Temasek Boulevard

Suntec City Mall


Singapore 038983

Tel: +65 6268 8043

Operating Hours: 11:00AM – 11:00PM

Facebook: www.facebook.com/enbusingapore

Instagram @enbu_sg

BEAUTY: Salicylic Acid Peel Facial by SkinLab The Medical Spa

When it comes to blogging, I mostly deal with foods and lifestyle events. This is my first time being sponsored with facial treatment. I was quite excited and thrilled about it. So, appointment was scheduled before hand. Before I share my facial treatment experience, here is the information of my sponsored client, SkinLab The Medical Spa.1Skinlab The Medical Spa3

SkinLab The Medical Spa integrates the pampering, attentive yet unobtrusive service of spa with the most advanced of aesthetics techniques and cosmetic dermatology. In this facility, they create non-invasive, non-surgical, safe and effective beauty solutions to treat mind, body and soul. The Medical Spa has builta reputation of excellence by providing treatments to consistently high standards. Their beauty therapists have a minimum of five years experience both locally and abroad with certified training. They also offers in-house tailored treatments, latest technological machines and well-trained therapists and consultants whose knowledge help client to find the suitable treatment.

I was introduced with Salicylic Acid Peel Facial which is the new generation facial treatment for improving the appearance of the skin. So, what are the benefits of this facial?

  1. It is a superior exfoliate that improves the appearance of ageing and sun-damaged skin.
  2. It blends powerful skin exfoliation with skin soothing actins.
  3. It has ultraviolet absorbing properties that help to protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun
  4. It get rids of surplus sebum, bacteria and inflammation from deep inside the pores of the skin
  5. It attacks the systematic core causes of skin problems, specifically acne
  6. It also fight fungus and yeast

Salicylic Acid Peel Facial can treat all of the following skin tones and textures:-

  1. oily skin
  2. acne
  3. blackheads
  4. whiteheads
  5. fine lines
  6. premature ageing
  7. uneven skin tone

My facial experience:

1Skinlab The Medical Spa11Skinlab The Medical Spa2

Firstly, I was lead to the consultation room to fill up the form to indicate our concerns and issues with our skin. The beauty consultant gone through my filled forms and hada short chat before we started off the facial. My concerns are freckles and dull skin. Thus, she recommended Salicylic Acid Peel Facial for this session.Skinlab The Medical Spa

The beauty therapist started with removal of makeup and basic cleansing before applying the Salicylic Acid Peel Feel.  It is spread over my face with the concentration of 10%. I can feel like ants bites on my face when it was applied throughout the 10 minutes application. Some may face redness after this but it was fine for me. Thus, it depends on individual skin’s reaction. A facial pad soaked with icy cold water was used to wash off the chemical.1Skinlab The Medical Spa4

Once the application time is over, the beauty therapist proceeds with extraction to clean my pores. I even got my eyebrow trimmed. Ampoule was applied with a face massage so that my skin can absorb the essence evenly. The last step is the customized strawberry, mint and rose mask. The purpose of the mask is for hydrating purpose and also to reduce the redness from the extraction.

The process was comfortable and cozy as the room is dim and the shoulder massage was relaxing and comfortable. I fall asleep while putting on the mask. Facial massage never fails to make me feel relaxing and rejuvenate. Overall, I am awake with a fresher and glow skin. I find that my skin absorbs easily when I apply my skincare after facial. I feel comfortable without make up too.

If you are interested with Salicylic Acid peel Facial, give it a try S$268/per session.

SkinLab The Medical Spa

#04-04 Wheelock Place

Tel: 6235 3246

#03-33 Plaza Singapura

Tel: 6336 1106

#B1-62 Jurong Point

Tel: 6316 2556 / 6316 2246

Website: www.skinlabmedspa.com


Instagram: @SkinLabSG

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