Media Invite: Thai Boat Noodles @ Bedok Point

Thai Boat Noodle is a new Thai noodle bar and casual dining restaurant located at Bedok Point. The restaurant served authentic Thai-Chinese street food which is commonly found when you travel to Thailand. Thai Boat Noodle is also the first restaurant to bring the only, Thai Boat noodle also known as Kuai Tiao Ruea (rice noodle). 1Thai Boat Noodle 1Thai Boat Noodle 3

Each small bowl of Thai noodle is only S$1.00 / S$1.50 that come with four different styles- Dry, Soup, Spicy Pork and Tom yam. Thanks to Thai Boat Noodle management, I get the chance to try all four different kinds and also some of the available dishes in the menu.1Thai Boat Noodle 9

Thai Fruity Yellow Bean Paste (Kao Noom Look Choup). Beautiful colours appealing filled with bean paste.1Thai Boat Noodle 5 1Thai Boat Noodle 4 1Thai Boat Noodle 6 1Thai Boat Noodle 7

Boat Noodle Soup (Kuai Tiao Ruea) is actually rice noodle with pork ball, pork slices, beansprout, kang kong and homemade Thai black sauce.

Tom Yam Noodle (Kuai Tiao Tom Yam). Rice noodle with prawn, fish slice, beansprout, tomato wedge, kang kong and tom yam soup.

Spicy Pork Noodle (Yum Woon Sen). Glass noodle with pork ball, minced pork meat, cucumber, onion, tomato and Chinese parsley.1Thai Boat Noodle 8

Out of the four different styles, my favourite is the Boat Noodle Soup. I prefer the authentic serving with the tasty broth. The tom yam is quite spicy even with a small portion in a small bowl. Spicy Pork Noodle will definitely trigger the taste buds for spiciness.1Thai Boat Noodle 2

Crispy Chicken Skin (Nang Kai Thot). Served pieces of chicken skin fried to perfection, seasoned with their own secret recipe. Although it is crispy as it looks but i find it lack of taste though.1Thai Boat Noodle 1

Tom Yam Fried Rice (Kaw Pad Tom Yam). Tom yam paste with mixed vegetable, prawn, cucumber and tomato. The rice portion is filling and has a slight of sweetness taste in it.However, the after taste will leave a sting of spicy on your tounge. The rest who takes spicy, will enjoy having it.1Thai Boat Noodle 10

Thai Pandan Jelly (Qun Gati Bai Tuey) served with chestnut, coconut milk and pandan jelly. It has the same taste as our local dessert as well with the enhanced pandan fragrance taste in it.

We also tried three different drinks. Thai Ice Milk Tea (Cha Yen), Homemade Lemongrass (Nam Ta Krai) and Homemade Roselle (Nam Kra Keb). My favourite is the Thai Ice Milk Tea followed by the Homemade Lemongrass.

Thanks for Thai Boat Noodle for extending the invitation.

Thai Boat Noodle

799 New Upper Changi Road

#02-32/34 Bedok Point

Singapore 467351


Instagram: @thaiboatnoodlesg

Tel: 6445 3392

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri : 11:30AM – 10:00PM

Sat, Sun & Public Holiday : 10:30AM – 10:00PM

Movie Review: SARA -雏妓

Thanks to Clover Film Singapore for the movie preview invite to SARA. For readers, please note that there will be special sneaks starting this Friday, 20th to 22nd March.SARA movie sara-movie-poster

Movie Synopsis

Journalist Sara has just spent four months completing an in-depth investigation piece. Her editor-in-chief, afraid of offending powerful politicians and business moguls, refuses to run it. Sara’s boyfriend, who works for the same magazine, chooses not to warn her and even sides with the editor-in-chief. In just one moment, Sara is turned off by her work, her love relationship and even about life.

At this low point in her life, Sara exiles herself to Chiang Mai, Thailand. One evening, while at a bar, Sara meets child prostitute Dok-my. During her time getting to know Dok-my and through the process of rescuing her, Sara becomes haunted by the memories of her own past.SARA-1 SARA


Definitely a whole new acting level up by the main actress, Charlene Choi where she played the daring roles such as the sexual scenes. I was taken aback when I watched her portraying the role but she did a good job portraying the life story of SARA. Simon Yam’s acting skills was good as well. He managed to pull through as an education minister and the sexual transaction relationship with Sara (Charlene Choi). And Both Simon Yam and Charlene Choi won the Best Actor/ Actress Award from their roles in “SARA” at the Macau International Movie Festival.

This story also gives society a reflection of the reality around us. How many of us is willing to ”sell” ourselves in exchange to achieve your goal? It’s all depends on how individual’s characteristic and personality.However, after watching this movie, I personally feel in order to survive, you need to have the determination and persistence to get through the obstacles ahead.

EH HE CAFE – Tan Hiok Nee Coffee @ Johor Bahru

Café Hopping has been trending actively in social media. My foodies friends (Double E and Wilson) decided to hop across causeway for a day trip. Thanks to the power of social media, we get to know about EH HE Cafe located at Tan Hiok Nee Heritage Walk. It’s a walking distance from the causeway. EH HE Café is one of the theme café under Just Want Coffee which is booming pretty fast in Johor Bahru. The space is formerly a textile shop where the café owner decided to revamp the space in keeping heritage and culture intact.1EH HE CAFE 7 1EH HE CAFE 8 1EH HE CAFE 1 1EH HE CAFE 2 1EH HE CAFE 3

There are two entrances to access, one is from the heritage walk leading to the art space and the other is facing the main road with colour-striking signature and building colours. We had a walk at the art space where there display the opera related art installation during the month of February. (yeah, we visited the place last month). The café itself has the nostalgia beauty especially with the blends of the arts and woods. There is also a mural wall with lovely hand drawn arts. Understand from the staff that the artist took about 2 weeks time to complete it.

It was still brand new when we visited the place. Thus, the foods and drinks selection are limited. The staff was kind and friendly enough to explain the whole concept and also the story of each coffee before we place an order. Truly amazed with the historical stories that able to blend into the modernize city now.1EH HE CAFE 4

One of the recommended signature coffee by the staff, Tan Hiok Nee Coffee also known as 陈旭年咖啡 . We are impressed with the presentation of the coffee. We are taught to eat a mouth of cream and orange peel followed by mixing the balance orange peel into the coffee before drinking. That’s the way to appreciate the coffee.1EH HE CAFE 5

We also tried 小梦的天空 . True enough as the name itself as it has the dreamy presentation. Popping candy is one of the contributions to the drink. Feeling excited with the crackling sounds from the soda reaction. If you are not a coffee lover, I would suggest enjoying this while your friend is sipping their cuppa.1EH HE CAFE

We had their unique waffle served with cream, spreaded with sesame seeds and honey syrups around it. Crunchy waffles with taste of sweetness and cripsyness. We even took quite sometime on the photo shooting. Nevertheless, the texture still remains for our liking.

There is a bit of hiccups throughout the order processing. We waited for more than 30 minutes to have our orders processed. The staff did apologize on the inconvenience caused as they currently have one barista in-house to do the ordering. Hopefully the situation has improved since then. I trust the place will be another hipster in town for both Johorians and Singaporeans.1EH HE CAFE 6

Eh He Cafe

No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Jalan Trus,

Johor Bahru

Opening Hours: Open daily from 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM

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